Eyewear from NIFTIES is designed to perfectly fit adults with fine facial features, in sizes 44-49. The collection has an international look in flattering shapes and trendy colors. Each frame has very flexible temples and nifty details, like the signature stripes on the temples, making it easy to spot NIFTIES in the crowd.

The collection covers all needs: acetate, titanium, stainless steel for optical frames and a selected range of fashionable sun frames – for both men and women.

NI9315 – NI9316 Acetate frame

NI8489 – NI8490 Metal frame

NI8483 – NI8484 Metal frame

NI9313 – NI9314 Acetate frame

NI9403 – NI9404 – NI9405 Acetate frame

NI8485 – NI8486  Metal frame

NI8477 – NI8478 Metal frame

NI8479 – NI8480 Metal frame

NI9406 – NI9407 – NI9408  Acetate frame

NI9409 – 9410 Acetate frame

NI1319 -NI1320 Titanium frame

NI1321-22 Titanium frame

NI1323-24 Titanium frame

NI8473-74 Metal frame

NI9394-95 Acetate frame

NI9396-97  Acetate frame

The NIFTIES SUN collection is simply good looking small sized eyewear; Neatly oversized without being too dramatic, and perfectly adjusted for fine facial features.
Note: all sun lenses have an antireflective coating.

NI9801 – NI9802 Acetate frame

NI9799 – NI9800 Acetate frame

NI9797 – NI9798 Acetate frame

NI9765-66 Acetate

NI9767-68 Acetate

NI9769-70 Acetate